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Cyber Security Executive

Systems applications engineers provide frontend support to users, making sure that the product is usable for them, and is easy to navigate.
The primary work of an individual working at this position is to develop and implement software and engineering modules for testing and measurement of automation systems
Decision-Making Scope:                
 - Consult with users to determine hardware, software, and system functional specifications.
 - Design and develop automated systems, and control computer systems based on user and design specifications.
 - Manage and execute projects that involve deployment of real-world environments, and define and manage work packages.
 - Guide users on integrating products into servers and custom designs.
 - Develop product documentation for use by customers implementing software and system products.
 - Assist in the specification of product definition and requirements in collaboration with research and development personnel.
 - Design demonstrations and reference platforms, and identify key problem areas, focusing on resolving them on an immediate basis.
 - Create and implement customer application collaterals including application notes, and white papers.
 - Define new processes for competitive analysis and testing purposes.
 - Analyze systems and define products.
 - Advise marketing teams on product requirements and differentiating features.
 - Provide technical support to design teams through processes such as data collection and optimization of settings.
 - General user-focused documentation including data sheets, programming guides, application notes, and customer presentations.
 - Complete data reviews and compile compliance reports, ensuring that limits are tested, and correlating reports are generated.
Minimum requirements:                
 - Education:  BA/BS in Engineering, Technical Field, or equivalent successful experience in a similar controls industry role.
 -Job related experience:  - Experience 3–5 Years in Engineering
 - Experience with Java Programming
 - Highly motivated individual willing to learn and participate in a fast-paced environment
 - Code Deployment/Merge experience preferred
 - Experience with API‘s (SOAP, Rest) preferred
 - GitHub experience is a plus
 - Airline reservation system experience is a plus
 - Must have excellent troubleshooting, communication and organizational skills.
 - Specific knowledge:  -  Proficient in Microsoft Office
-  Proficient in Microsoft Visio and AutoCad
-  Read architectural, mechanical and electrical blueprints and have a solid understanding of basic electrical and mechanical control systems
- A solid understanding of network communications technology Internet, Intranet, VPN, TCP/IP, Ethernet, etc.
- Strong communication, Interpersonal and organizational skills
 - Business understanding:  - Knowledge of airline industry and airline information system
 - Good knowledge of airline‘s product and airport systems
 - Other requirements:  - Available for Travel 25%
 - Customer Service or Sales Support experience.
 - Proven Project Management skills.
 - Application Programming Experience




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01/03 — 31/12/2024
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